• a few datas

    2010 - living near Harz / Germany

    1996 - 1997 - work as carer for childs and teenager

    1996 - move to Berlin

    1992 - 1994 - work as social education worker

    1987 - 1989 - prohibition of exhibition

    1982 - 1983 - 11 months arrest because of subversive political activity (painting)

    1976 - 1989 - miscellaneous jobs (facility manager, heater and gardener)

    1979 - beginning of artistic activity

    1966 - 1976 - school

    1961 - born in Erfurt (Thüringia)

    Studio 2015

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    A small film about me

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  • my exhibitions

    2012 further exhibitions in preparation
    2011 in Costa Rica at R. Gerlach (Chief of security) v. d. Private Community-Roma del Mar-Playa Naranjo, Puntarenas (photoexhibition)
    2005 in Waren/Müritz Pension Gitte
    2004 in Berlin Gemeinschaftspraxis Heilpraktiker
    2003 in Berlin Steuerbüro Bodo Heineke
    1999 in Berlin Spring-time Fitnescenter Alt Moabit
    1998 in Berlin Immobilienbüro "Haus und Wohnen GmbH"
    1997 in Berlin Cafe "Offenbar"
    1993 in Erfurt Kaffeemühle
    1993 in Gotha Galerie Collage 42
    1992 in Meinigen Immobilien u. Finanz- Service GmbH
    1991 in Erfurt Immobilien u. Finanz- Service GmbH
    1991 in Erfurt Galerie W
    1991 in Erfurt Kunsthaus Erfurt e.V.
    1987 in Dresden privat at P. "Kuno" Kühnel
    1985 in Erfurt privat at T. Link
    1983 in Gotha privat at K. Simmen

    Exhibition co-operations
    2013 Erfurt "Zwischen Ausstieg und Aktion" (Kunsthalle Erfurt)
    2013 - 2014 New York ArtExpo Pier 92 NYC World Water Day (EcoArt) (photos)
    2011 Uehrde 17. Kunstausstellung im Dorfmuseum (Fotos)
    1998 Ukraine Hotel Woronsow (Krim) with Markus Winkler
    1997 in Halle Hinterglas Galerie
    1997 in Berlin "DHM Boheme und Diktatur in der DDR" (Katalog l.p. 302-305)
    1995 in Erfurt Kunsthaus e.V. Erfurt "Unikum Unikat 4"
    1995 in Erfurt Artothek Erfurt with Dresi TM
    1994 in Erfurt Kunsthaus e.V. "Unikum Unikat 3"
    1994 in Erfurt & Mitgestalten der Veranstaltung "Kunstlos 7"
    1994 in Celle Neue Galerie with Rubin Schmidtke (died)
    1994 in Celle Museumsfest
    1994 in Erfurt at "Form in Form" with Dresi TM
    1993 in Erfurt with M. Hohmann (Painter from Celle) in Kunsthaus e.V. Erfurt
    1993 in Erfurt "RISSE- KUNSTRAUM STADT" Hommage to Joseph Beuys
    1992 in Erfurt Privat Club with Jens Uwe Körber
    1988 in Leipzig "KRASKI" with Rubin Schmidtke (died) Galerie am Feld
    1986 in Erfurt privat "Galerie im Flur" with C. D. Spinne
    1985 in Dresden privat with M.Schneider (died) & C. D. Spinne

    Projekts & Actions
    2011 photopublication Bildband "COLOURS" bei
    1996 orchestration "Das Gespenst von Canterville" at Zelt Pankow (Berlin)
    1995 textile ilustration for Gabriele Stötzer (Figuren & Capriccioso) Krash Verlag Literaturbüro Erfurt
    1995 part arrangement Kindergartens in Berlin with C. Ingendorf
    1994 action painting in Celle with M. Hohmann and Dresi TM
    1993 Wall creation Discothek in Erfurt
    1993 request for proposal participation (Mahnmal Deutsche Teilung in Uelzen) with Rubin Schmidtke (died) 5th. place
    1992 Wall creation in Erfurt with M. Hohmann
    1988 action paintingi with "ME- DI- TA" in Thüringia
    1987 formation of artist group "KRASKI" with Rubin Schmidtke (died)
    1984 Pleinair with C. D. Spinne and M. Büchner in Gotha
    1984 artbook designing for Gabriele Stötzer (Writer)

    work sojourns
    1998 Krim Ukraine (artist transfer district Berlin Pankow)
    1995 Portugal
    1995 - 2009 several sojourns in Poland
    1994 Kreta
    1993 Celle (Niedersachsen)
    1992 - 2005 several sojourns in the Netherlands
    1992 Celle (Niedersachsen)
    1991 Kalovy Vary
    1990 guestpainter BBK Celle

    fore casts

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    Phone: + 49 (0)162 669 9102

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